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As sophisticatedly as the human race has evolved, we still find ourselves doing things on the ground or floor. Whether it’s enjoying nature, playing with our kids, tailgating at a ball game, picnicking, or just lounging around, our lifestyle of sitting, dining, relaxing, and being active on the ground should be comfortable as well as convenient. The Tablanket offers such a solution by combining a plush, water resistant blanket with a stable hard top surface to put our “things” on, be it food, drinks, toys, electronic devices, or whatever we humans interact with. And then the beauty is when you’re ready to go, Tablanket folds up into its own compact carrying case that is lightweight and easy to lug around. Spill a drink or have a messy accident on the blanket, no worries, the blanket can quickly be unzipped from the table portion, machine washed and dried, then zipped back on in a matter of seconds, ready for your next outing.

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If you’re anything like us, you’ve dropped your soap time and again, and you have also watched it waste away into slivers, and struggled to hold on to it!

Our patent pending Ultimate Lather is the simple solution!

The Ultimate Lather is a soap pocket made of a soft and exfoliating cloth, with an inner mesh pocket and stitched eyelet for easy hanging.

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Rotating Toilet Seat

Secure Your Door with Super Grip Lock:
Super Grip Lock, the award-winning deadbolt strap and portable travel lock, attaches to and wraps around the deadbolt handle and doorknob or lever handle when the deadbolt is in the locked position to prevent the handle from turning so the bolt cannot be disengaged until the Strap is removed. Your door will remain locked even if someone has your key they can’t get in until the Strap is removed which is a prudent way you can protect yourself. Watch the instructional video below to see Super Grip Lock in action.

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a multi-functional design provides endless exercise possibilities

perform any exercise, anytime, anywhere

conveniently stored in a closet, under a bed, or in the trunk of your car

fitness for everyone: create for all types of user regardless of strength and skill level

puncture proof, impact resistant construction makes the Waveweight virtually indestructible

to increase muscle activation up to 338% more per rep than traditional weights

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Painter’s Helper is a new paint accessory that eliminates the constant lifting, as well as, the drips, spills, splashing, and splattering when painting.

Benefits of your invention:

•Eliminates the need to repeatedly lift the can of paint to pour it
•No splashing, no splattering
•No paint dripping down the side of the can, or collecting in the grooves on the top of the can
•Variable faucet reduces waste
•Clean up consists of running The Paint Faucet under warm water

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An applicator that dispenses a predetermined dose of topical anesthetic to a zone of tissue. When tissue is contacted, the topical anesthetic applicator also releases a visible spectrum temporary marking agent that generates a target for the preoperative injection of a numbing dose of local anesthetic.

PATENTED US 8,696,227 B1

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Inventor Al created ImageLOCK (Design and Utility Patented in USA/China) after returning from serving overseas for the United States Marine Corps on the front lines in Afghanistan. Al saw how important it is to have a reliable lock with an easy-to-remember combination to protect one’s belongings.

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During my 28 years as an elementary teacher and ten years as a reading specialist, I remember how often five to seven year olds tried to take large chapter books home that they really couldn’t read. They just wanted everyone to think they were really smart.

The summer, after I retired, I worked with a five year old girl named Emma. Using her prior knowledge, and positive activities, I decided to write a chapter book for her. She read it over and over and loved it. Her progress was dynamic!
This small chapter book gave me an idea to write this large chapter book for five to seven year olds. The age can be older or younger.

The first chapter does not intimidate children. There are no words, just pictures to describe and tell about. Other chapters motivate children to learn about many subject areas. The internet and books can extend learning.
Young children, parents, siblings, teachers, and anyone working with children can use this book.
In conclusion, I look forward to seeing young children reading and rereading this chapter book, making great progress, feeling good, and having fun. I see a great future with this book. -Helen Friend

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Rascal: Strategies for Teachers, Parents, Scout Leaders, Sunday School Teachers, and Anyone Working With Children

In my years of teaching, I noticed it was often one child that caused major problems. Therefore, I decided to write a book about a first-grade boy named Rascal. With negative behavior that hurt him and others, he learned that he does not get recess. Other children helped Rascal learn how to behave and get to play. This motivated the reader to make positive behavior choices too.Using this book is a great way to get children to make positive choices without having to continuously reward or punish them.

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Extended flaps can be easily adjusted to get maximum shade

Adjustable height control provides customized shade space and increases wind resistance

Universal base pole fits in all types of anchors, such as sand & grass or stands, such as patio umbrella bases.

Beach * Soccer Games
Luxury Resorts * Pool Areas * Promotional Gifts * Backyards Restaurants & Coffee Shops with Patio Seating * Advertising (logo imprint)

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The InCool Comfort Mirror offers a unique and
elegant combination of fan and mirror with
tabletop and wall mounted models

The InCool Comfort Mirror is a cool solution to
the common problem of trying to get ready for
the day in warm or steamy environment

2 Speed AC fan with directionally adjustable
airflow to cool the user from neck to torso

Clear white LED lighting with high and low light
settings for optimal visibility with 5x and 10x

dual magnification levels for precision application
US UTILITY PATENT 2013/0077292 A1

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{CONTROL YOUR COMFORT} Advanced Thermal Targeting
•Clinically proven cooling technique
•Stay warm in the cold
•Keep cool in the heat
•Ice-cold compression for joints
•Improves safety, performance, and recovery
•Reduce heat related injury
•Targets strategic locations that support the body’s thermal regulation to save energy
•Perfect for user during indoor and outdoor activities
•British Journal of SportsMedicine study showed cooling during exercise improves safety, performance & speeds recovery.


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-Fashion to make people feel better than good.
-Amazingly great feeling


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Whether having a full mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstructive surgery or explant surgery, you need some adaptive clothing for recovery and to manage your surgical drains.

The patented healincomfort shirt is designed to allow you to convalesce in comfort and with dignity and is perfect to wear to all your appointments and treatments, which can last 6 months or longer. It’s comfortable to lounge or sleep in which is why so many of our customers buy two. One to wear and one to have in the wash.

Look like a real person, not a science experiment

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Patented Windproof Hat Technology
The Perfect Boat Hat, Blocks the Sun and Floats
The World’s Only Windproof Hat, Won’t Blow Off
Great for Sailors, Boaters, and Outdoor Enthusiasts
1000’s of First-Generation Hats Sold Since 2017

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Speak English Fluently |

There are hundreds of different methods of learning a foreign language, and all of them advice practicing the language skills of reading, listening and speaking, using any number and combination of routines.

Conventional methods of learning foreign languages are limited to learning reading, listening, speaking and grammar separately; according to the Learning Pyramid it represents Passive Learning. Conventional methods can’t teach you how to think in English and speak fluently using intuitive grammar. In the remaining part of this description, we would use the concept Training English skills, although the patented approach is applicable to training any foreign language skills. The main tool of the patented method is the simultaneous repetition; it consists in training the mind to think and speak in English as a subconscious process using all senses simultaneously.

Simultaneous repetition results in the habit of thinking in the native language being turned off automatically since performing three actions at the same time fully occupies your attention and you cannot do anything else, including cross-translating. Simultaneous repetition helps learners establish direct wiring between words in English and images or associations which they describe without reverting to cross-translation into the native language.

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Protect Your ‘Do From Unexpected Bad Weather

Invested in your blow-out or fabulous ‘do only to have unexpected weather destroy it!? Not anymore! Tempus Hood is the answer because :

-It provides you with quick and easy protection in a snap.

-You don’t want to carry an umbrella or heavy coat because it has a hood.

-Cancelling your hike or run because it seems like it might rain, isn’t an option.

What is Tempus Hood? It is a water resistant, lightweight adjustable nylon hood that simply attaches to the locker hook in your coat or jacket with a quick snap. No time for the snap? No problem! Just slide it over your head and go! Oh, and it weighs in at just a few ounces and rolls up into a super small carrying pouch! Learn more in the video below.

Umbrella Etiquette Not Required

Tempus Hood will become your take everywhere item so forget your umbrella and order your hood today!

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This is is Jim McLane, the inventor of The Drawer Lock System, which is a portable lock for cabinet doors and drawers. The need for this lock was inspired during a family dinner four years ago. His two sons are Deputy Sheriffs here in Florida and every family dinner is usually like an episode of Cops on TV. His oldest son was in the narcotics division and made the statement that 80% of the drug addiction problem that their country faces begins at home by people leaving their prescription drugs unprotected. Jim thought to himself, this is pretty stupid! It is too much trouble to lock things up and keep track of a small cabinet lock key that can be found by others anyway

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Michelle is a married working mother of two fine young men (her children). She lives in Wisconsin. When not writing, she enjoys reading especially science fiction/fantasy and classics.

Her favorite authors include Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Margaret Weiss, and Colleen Houck.

She also enjoys doing painting and crafts, and spending time with her family. She enjoys going for walks, and swimming. She has been known to jump in Lake Michigan with no life jacket!

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