What’s the best way to protect my idea?

By Own My Ideas|March 27, 2018|Business, Inventions, License my idea, own my ideas, Patent my Idea, Patents|

First of all we all know it’s important to protect our ideas while we are in the process of trying to bring them to market.  You don’t want to be too paranoid and be overly protective, just like anything else you have to use some common sense.  I’ve spoken to some inventors who refuse to disclose anything about their ideas.  That’s a sure fire way to not ever profit or get anything out of a potentially great idea.

Here are some common sense tips to do it in a simple and easy way.

A lot of NDA’s (non disclosure agreements) have a time limit.  The company cannot share or disclose the idea for a certain number of years.  Ideally you want one with no time limit.  That means whatever you disclose is protected forever.

Some companies will try to get around NDA’s by changing or alerting your idea in some way.  You can ask a company to agree not to make any changes or improvements as well.

And remember most ideas that are stolen, knocked off, copied are done to successful products that are already selling. Be prudent, protect yourself but don’t let disclosure stop you.

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