Woman Crush Wednesday: Cherie Mathews

By Own My Ideas|November 25, 2019|Business|

Our Woman Crush Wednesday is breast cancer survivor Cherie Mathews, who created the “Healincomfort” recovery shirt. Mathews designed the recovery shirt to provide a solution for anyone undergoing breast mastectomy surgery.

She says, “My name is Cherie B. Mathews, a 20+ year breast cancer survivor, and I designed the Heal In Comfort Recovery Shirts after discovering there wasn’t any ‘standardized’ adaptive clothing provided after breast cancer surgery. The feather soft moisture management material is essential for comfort. Four large internal pockets help to conceal and manage your mastectomy drains so you look like a person and not a science experiment. Getting dressed is a challenge, so the velcro-like fasteners make independent dressing super easy.”

You can learn more by visiting www.Healincomfort.com or follow them on social media, @Healincomfort.

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